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066: A Year In Review - The Best of Stewardology (2021)

December 28, 2021 The Stewardology Podcast Season 1
The Stewardology Podcast
066: A Year In Review - The Best of Stewardology (2021)
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Join Financial Advisor Tim Russell, CFP®, Rev. Drew Gysi, and Tyler Rutherford as they discuss some of their favorite episodes from the past year, as well as explore some of the hidden gems of Stewardology.

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 Well, it's almost time to close out another year. One thing I like to do at the end of every year is to think through some of the 'highs' and 'lows' of the year and recall God’s faithfulness. He has sustained us through another year!

Tyler, our "producer extraordinaire", has gone through our entire episode list for the year and came up with our most popular episodes and also some of our "hidden gem" episodes. 


Most Popular Episodes 

#1 = Most streamed

  1. 039: How Memorizing Scripture Can Impact Your Stewardship (Ft. Dakota Lynch) 
  2. 002: The Context of Stewardship (Haggai) 
  3. 003: Priority #1 - Give 
  4. 032: A Biblical Response to Socialism 
  5. 052: Stewardship in Scripture (Ft. Aaron House) 
  6. 008: Secular vs. Biblical Worldview of Money 
  7. 025: Buying & Owning a Car 
  8. 004: Priority #2 - Save 
  9. BONUS: Stewardship, Investing, and the Election
  10. 033: A Biblical Response to Capitalism

Most of our Stewardship Framework episodes ranked within the top 10!


“Hidden Gem” Episodes

  1. 012: Emotional Investing Can Be Costly
  2. 011: 5 Things to Look For in a Financial Advisor
  3. 009: Surprise Generosity


Our Favorites

  • 039: How Memorizing Scripture Can Impact Your Stewardship (Ft. Dakota Lynch) 
    • Scripture memorization instills a Biblical worldview of Stewardship within your heart and mind. So when decisions need to be made about money, finances, saving, spending and stewardship, one will ALREADY have a clear BIBLICAL framework on making right, wise and Godly financial choices! Visit or a grouping of verses that can kickstart your Scripture Memory on Stewardship!
  • 025: Buying & Owning a Car 
    • The Used Car Step Up Plan is a framework for how to buy a car without going into debt. Some folks will shutter at the idea of purchasing a car without a loan. How in the world could anyone possibly do that? This used car step up plan is logical and makes sense! You CAN own a nicer car without taking out a loan, it will just take some work, patience, and delayed gratification. This is a very practical piece of advice.
  • 012: Emotional Investing Can Be Costly
    • In this episode, we talk about getting the facts. It is important to seek unbiased third party facts about the decision you are making. Don’t get sucked into the hype and hysteria promoted on popular radio, TV shows, and commercials. This is especially true during a market downturn. Getting the facts dials back the emotions, and allows you to see reality of the world and it’s impact on your finances! It is also important to seek wise counsel and sleep on your decisions before you make them.
  • 011: 5 Things to Look For in a Financial Advisor
    • Why would I need to hire a "Christian" financial advisor? Don’t they just look at numbers all day? What impact could that possibly have on my walk with Christ? But a Christian financial advisor is almost necessary for having your investments set up so that they truly glorify God. A Christian financial advisor can help you avoid “sin stocks” as we talked about in episode 058 on the 6 Rules of Investing. A Christian financial advisor can help you invest in things that are making an eternal difference as we talked about in episode 035 on Biblically Responsible Investing


Stewardship Application

What episodes did YOU find most impactful this year? We would love it if you would let us know!  -

We are looking forward to our lineup of upcoming podcasts for 2022!  There will be mini-series, some interviews with various individuals and authors, and of course, some of our solid practical stewardship through the lenses of theology! Thank you SO much for taking time and listening to us this past year.  If you have enjoyed what you have heard, and been blessed, do consider giving us a shout-out by way of a review on the podcast catcher that you listen to, or on one of our social media platforms.


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